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1000 Buffyverse Pairings

Because our fandom's the sluttiest of them all, dammit

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Once upon a time there was drabble tag (several games of it, actually, but I'm linking to the one in my journal since it's easiest for me to find). People wrote 100 words of Buffy fic and challenged others to do the same, and it was good. Then someone - all right, me, again - said, "there are a lot of characters in Buffy and Angel. If somebody wrote all the possible pairings, that would be a lot."

And thus an idea was born.

The goal? 1000 Buffyverse drabbles and ficlets, 1000 different pairings. Sounds insane, yes? Yes. That's the fun part.

So, how it works: at the end of each ficlet the writer provides the next pairing. Actually, this time, people can give up to three. Someone replies with a ficlet for that pairing, and their choice for what's next. And on we go.


Blah blah words and then Gunn and Oz had sex and Anya watched.

Next: Buffy/Kendra, Xander/Holden Webster, Lindsey/Spike/Lilah

The list of open tags, or pairings that have been suggested but not written, will be here. If none of them take your fancy, just start a new thread with any pairing that hasn't been done.

The main post, with all the written fics, is here.

Let's see, rules...

1. The first rule of Fight Club is The one major rule: no repetition of couples. Since we're trying for 1000 different pairings or threesomes, it'll make the count easier if there are no repeats in the thread. If you come to post a ficlet and find somebody's beat you to it, you're welcome to put it in the comments of this post. Go to the masterlist to check what couples have already been done.

2. The feedback thread is here. Let the authors know how much you liked their ficlet. Feedback or queries posted in the ficlet thread itself will have to be apologetically deleted by me since it'd screw up the count.

3. Any combination of characters is allowed; conventional, unconventional, het, slash, femslash, incest, poly or anything I've left out. The inclusion of very obscure characters is not only allowed but encouraged. Rating can be anything - if you can bring the smut, great, if it's G, that's fine too. Crossovers and RPS are both allowed, provided one person in your pairing/trio/etc is a Buffy or Angel character. There's no set length: if you want to write exactly 100 words, do. A longer ficlet's good, too. More than 500 words will get you an imaginary cookie. If it's too long for the comment box please post it in your own journal and leave the link.

4. Spike and William can be taken as different characters. So can Liam/Angel/Angelus and Willow or Xander/vampire Willow or Xander. If somebody's written Xander/Angel, for example, then Xander/Angelus is still up for grabs. We've been playing fast and loose with what constitutes a different character - dark!Willow, rat!Amy and so forth - so if you're unsure, just ask.

I hope this makes any kind of sense. Any questions, ask them in this post. Have fun!

Note: since the masterlists are now far too long for a post - or ever two - they're to be found at this site.

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